Handstand Workshop – The Lowdown



1. What if I can’t do a handstand – can I do the workshop?

YES – this workshop is an introduction and you will learn the basics of mastering a handstand. The coaches will coach all those who have never done a handstand and those who have experience and you will be coached according to your experience. This is the perfect place to start so please sign up!

2. Do I need to have prior experience in handstands or gymnastic?

No! We welcome people of all abilities. This workshop is for both beginners and those with prior experience. We have two expert coaches, which allows for very specific and scaled progressive coaching giving you one to one feedback throughout. You will leave knowing what it is you need to work on and having mastered new techniques!

3. What if I feel my fitness levels are not as good as they should be?

Our Coaches have developed a workshop for beginners and those with prior experience in fitness and gymnastics. You will get a thorough warm up and cool down and will pace the workshop at your level so don’t worry just sign up and leave it to the experts to look after you and keep you safe.

The scarier the task the more reward!

4. What if I don’t feel confident enough to sign up or make an enquiry?

Everybody feels apprehensive when first starting a class, workshop or trying something new. You are taking yourself out of your comfort zones which always leads to a better and happier you. Fitology Hub is a super friendly environment and an amazing community of warm and friendly members who welcome new and encourage new people on a daily basis. We love growing our community and feel every member is of vital and equal importance to us.

5. Will this workshop help improve my strength or work on conditioning my body?

This workshop will certainly help you get strong! You will be moving and manipulating your own body weight and learning how best to balance in inverted positions. Essentially you will be doing basic gymnastics. Have you ever seen a gymnast?! This workshop will add fun, scope and further fitness to your already varied training programme.

6. What will I use these skills for?

Confidence in training with your body weight and having excellent technique will only benefit your current training methods. No matter what level you train at there is always more to learn. We will be adding Handstand Classes to our programming from January so this will set you up for joining!

7. What do I need to bring and what do I need to wear.

Please bring a bottle of water and a snack! Maybe even bring your phone/camera to get a snap of your final Handstand to show off to your family. Wear whatever is comfortable for you to train. Wear trainers but be prepared to wear no trainers and no socks – remember everybody will be in the same boat!

8. Is there a minimum age to participate in the workshop?

Participants will be aged 18 and over.

9. What about transport and parking outside the Hub?

We are less than 1minute walk from Brockley Overground Station. There is parking outside the Hub on Saturdays & Sundays.

10. Who do I contact with Questions?

Email the team at this address: hello@fitologyhub.com


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