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Clever Tactic To Reduce Your Sugar Intake…


Yes, fruit is healthy but there’s a little problem. Fruit contains fructose and fructose is sugar!

Sugar is addictive. Don’t get me wrong. Natural sugars are good for you in moderation. But…

Are you are substituting those sugar cravings with healthy sugars?

Quite often, when you want to go on a healthy diet or want to change your lifestyle habits, you shop for healthy fruit to eat as snacks instead of unhealthy alternatives. Brilliant…. But if you are trying to lower your sugar intake and get rid of your sugar addiction, you might want to think about your fruit intake.

Do you need to substitute high sugar fruits for lower sugar fruits?

To get rid of sugar completely, you will need to ‘go cold turkey’ which will require commitment, time as well as the support of family and friends. If you are not ready for that stage, then try reducing fruit sugars as well as the sneaky sugars in white bread and pastas!

Sugar (g) Fruit (85g) Sugar (g) Fruit (85g)
13.8 Figs 8.5 Blueberries
13.2 Grapes 7.9 Apricot
12.6 Mango 7.5 Peach
11.2 Passion Fruit 7.1 Jackfruit
10.9 Cherries 7 Elderberries
10.4 Banana 6.7 Nectarine
10.3 Pear 6.7 Canteloupe
10 Pomegranite 5.9 Grapefruit
9.5 Kiwi Fruit 5.3 Watermelon
9.2 Orange 5 Papaya
8.8 Raspberries 4.2 Strawberries
8.8 Apple

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As a rule try and avoid dried fruit as these are sugared to an even higher degree (100g of dried Mango contains 73g of sugar!). Frozen fruit is a fantastic and easy way to have fruit on hand for your homemade smoothies. My favourite snack is dropping random lower sugar fruits in fat free natural or Greek yogurt.

Inspired by ITV Sugar Free Farm and @rondelle10_bThank you for all your help!

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