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FAQ 1. What if I can’t do a handstand – can I do the workshop? YES – this workshop is an introduction and you will learn the basics of mastering a handstand. The coaches will coach all those who have never done a handstand and those who have experience and you will be coached according…(Read More)

Master your Handstand Skills and practice new partner acrobatic moves with our expert coaches Floria and Liam. This one off, 2 hour workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those with previous gymnastic skills. You will develop the foundational movements and concepts needed to achieve your perfect handstand and go home feeling ecstatic and excited…(Read More)

Hello! My name is Bea and I am originally from Finland. Sports and an active lifestyle have always been a big part of my life. I started ballet at the age of 6 and soon after added taekwondo, football and other sporting activities into the mix. In my teenage years I decided to focus on…(Read More)

After a hard week of work (and hopefully training) it can be tempting to reward yourself with a drink and a takeaway. Why not try our recipe for kebab and chips below as a healthier choice. Sorry we haven’t figured out the healthy drink option just yet! Lamb Kofta with Sweet Potato Chips (Serves…(Read More)


As Personal Trainers ourselves, we are slightly biased when it comes to the question of hiring someone to help you reach your goals (whether it is us or someone else). Often people feel personal training can be very expensive and just aren’t sure if its something they should invest in. A personal trainer helps…(Read More)

Healthy Eating

Yes, fruit is healthy but there’s a little problem. Fruit contains fructose and fructose is sugar! Sugar is addictive. Don’t get me wrong. Natural sugars are good for you in moderation. But… Are you are substituting those sugar cravings with healthy sugars? Quite often, when you want to go on a healthy diet…(Read More)

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